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Principled Advice

At Cordis Financial, we are committed to serving you with customized advice, ensuring your needs are met at each phase of life, and providing resources so you understand how financial products work.

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We follow a simple process:

We listen and help you define your goals;

We analyze and offer you suggestions;

If you agree with our suggestions, we work together.


Providing resources so you can make an informed decision about your finances.

Browse our library of information about financial products and services.


The Lumen Plan is Cordis’ new budget planning and coaching service. Through it, we work with you to reduce or eliminate debt and establish good short- and long-term objectives.

Why Seek Advice?

Financial industry research shows that, after 15 years, advised clients have four times more investable assets and three times more net worth than non-advised clients.

Our Principles

Serve, Protect, Educate


We are committed to service. We listen, and then use our professional expertise to find financial solutions that meet your specific needs. We work to ensure we serve you accurately, and in a friendly, timely manner.


We are committed to protecting you. We make sure you understand the risks of action and inaction, and help prevent making uninformed decisions.  We also ensure your needs are met at claim time or life change.


We promote financial literacy so our clients can make informed decisions. We work to ensure you understand how financial products work and provide seminars for employees and community groups.


What We Can Do For You

Cordis Financial offers a full range of financial planning services. We work with you to assess your needs, and then implement strategies based on your plans, expectations and risk tolerance. We look at the entire range of personal finance, including insurance, investments, tax, retirement and estate. At Cordis, we believe in going beyond focusing on a single transaction. We provide a well-rounded approach to making sure you are informed and protected.


Investing appropriately depends on the risk tolerance of the individual and their personal circumstances.


Insurance is a tool for transferring risk from an individual to an insurance company.

Business Insurance

Because they can outlive an owner or partner, businesses have unique planning factors.

Financial Planning

A process where a person works with a financial planner to explore the entire range of personal finance.


About Laura

Laura Dear

Laura Dear

Advanced Financial Planner

After being licensed in 2000, Laura completed her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 2005. In 2014, she completed her Certified Life Underwriter (CLU) program, an advanced financial planning designation, achieving the top mark in Alberta. That same year, Laura formed Cordis Financial Inc.


“Laura helped me put a plan together that allowed me to ease into retirement and experiment a bit with how I liked to receive my retirement income. Within a period of time, it became clear what worked for me and Laura put the pieces in place to 'make it happen'. I have great trust in Laura's ethics and the way she regularly maintains my account and always discusses new information with me. Above all, Laura works for you and what's in your best interest.”

O. G.
Now enjoying retirement for almost 10 years

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