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We provide financial planning services for business owners at all stages of business growth and involvement. Business owners wear many hats — we want to help make sure your money works as hard as you do. See how we work with businesses to address their unique financial concerns and aspirations. (Names have been changed to protect privacy. Testimonials are provided with permission.)




Family Business

T and E worked in the family business starting at a young age. Over time, they took on jobs with more responsibility.


Map Out The Transition


As their parents neared retirement, T and E needed help making a successful business ownership transition in a cost-effective way. We connected them with an experienced management accountant who worked with their lawyers and accountant to restructure the company and map out the transition. T and E clearly understood the process and worked with Laura to fund their new buy-sell agreement.

How Cordis Helped

  • Exploring group benefits
  • Assessing financial risks
  • Working with cash flow – ups and downs
  • Tax planning – working with change
  • Individual financial planning (retirement planning)
  • Succession planning

Over time, Cordis will continue to work with T and E on future business and personal needs, including the best options for their retirement.

How Can We Help?

Looking to understand and improve your current financial situation? We help people from all walks of life who:

  • Want to work with established financial institutions
  • Want to work within established financial rules and regulations
  • Are willing to be open and honest with us
  • Are open to advice
  • Want strict confidentiality

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