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You have unique financial needs. We provide financial planning for professionals who want to optimize their career decisions.


Working Arrangements

Three doctors in one practice wanted to formalize their working arrangement with a buy-sell agreement but, with a steep learning curve, were not sure how to go about it.


Cover The Risks


Together with their lawyer, they worked with Laura to fund their buy-sell agreement and make sure their risks were covered on all levels: partnership, professional corporation, and personal.

How Cordis Helped

  • Assessed unique financial needs
  • Looked at office overhead
  • Discussed disability options
  • Life insurance for income replacement
  • Savings for retirement

How Can We Help?

Looking to understand and improve your current financial situation? We help people from all walks of life who:

  • Want to work with established financial institutions
  • Want to work within established financial rules and regulations
  • Are willing to be open and honest with us
  • Are open to advice
  • Want strict confidentiality

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